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Bill Allen, a Navy pilot and real estate professional, is the CEO and owner of 7 Figure Flipping and host of the 7 Figure Flipping Podcast, where he leads the top house flipping and wholesaling mentoring groups in the world. Just a few years ago, he was stuck flipping 1 or 2 houses per year and doing all the work himself, but since then, he’s built a systematized business that runs without him. His wholesaling and flipping company, Blackjack Real Estate, is based out of Nashville, TN and does business virtually across the Southeast. Bill has been investing as a limited partner in apartment syndications since 2018 and the past few years has focused on getting more involved as a general partner. Since then he has grown his portfolio to 1,979 storage units and 247 apartment doors.

May 16, 2022

7 Figure Flipping & 7 Figure Multifamily

In this episode, Bill Allen, the CEO of 7figure Flipping shares his journey with us, starting off in the military, investing in R…

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