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Dan Fradenburgh

Investor in Physical, Digital, and Mental real estate.

Dan got into real estate from owning an ecommerce web development agency. For six years he worked alongside securities attorneys to ensure everything online was in compliance, and learned how his boss made enough to pay him.
Now, he's picking his deals by doing the same 15 min calls we all have to do in this business, but in podcast format.
With over 100 Chance Encounter interviews released in less than six months, he's confident that his new software platform, 506b.me , will change how syndicators protect themselves from one of the most vague but widely applicable laws.

Nov. 21, 2022

Multifamily tips from the Tech Guy

In this episode, we chat with Dan Fradenburgh about the importance tech plays in Real Estate and how to leverage it to get in fro…

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