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My name is Khalia Luff, I'm 30 years old, and a Philly native. I grew up in the Nicetown section of Philly and spent the other half of my life "Uptown". I graduated from Temple University in 2015, Cum Laude & had the highest graduating GPA in the College of Liberal Arts. I have a Bachelors in Africology & Africana Studies, with a minor in Sociology, and an AA in Social Behavior, with concentrations in Sociology & Psychology. I also attended UPenn for a very short while, pursuing a Master's in Urban Education, before I quit to go back to entrepreneurship.

I started my first business venture while a junior at Temple, and that was selling virgin hair. A very short while later, that evolved into a full-service hair salon in Center City, but that was short-lived. I got my investment back from that and rolled it into an online clothing store, which I ran for 2 years while finishing up at Temple. In my last year of college, I met my first business partner, and after graduation, we got into real estate, with the intention of "house hacking" (before I knew the term) and fixing & flipping. From there, we decided to wholesale first, to learn real estate. Six years later, we are still running our wholesale business, and now have a junk removal company where we also do demolition, cleaning, and a myriad of other services to support real estate investors, as well as a mobile notary business, which has a focus on real estate documents. I purchased my first multi-unit investment property, where I am currently house hacking.

I am also a mother to a beautiful and smart 14-year-old girl, and enjoy reading, history, yoga, art, and traveling.

Sept. 5, 2022

Power of Wholesaling and the art of Creative Financing

In this episode, serial entrepreneur Khalia Luff joins us to share her journey as a wholesaler as well as getting into her very f…

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