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Larry Pendleton

I am a real estate investor and CPA with a passion for adding value to fellow Investors through tax consulting and accounting services. My mission is to help as many people achieve financial freedom through real estate investing and tax strategies.

I have been a CPA for over 8 years with over a decade of experience in tax consulting & preparation, accounting, auditing and bookkeeping. My team consist of 5 tax and accounting professionals servicing 200+ professionals in real estate.

I also bring over 6 years of real estate experience in buy and hold multi & single family housing, corporate housing, short-term rentals, flips. I have stakes in rental syndications and joint ventures across the US, adding value as an asset manager, tax strategist, investor relations and underwriter. My personal real estate portfolio consists of 10 properties totalling 52 units.

Most importantly, I am married to my beautiful wife, Whitney, and the proud father of our 2 handsome sons, Larry III and Wesley.

Aug. 1, 2022

Tax tips for the Real Estate Professional and Passive Investor

In this episode, CPA and Real Estate investor Larry Pendleton share some tips to consider when investing in Real Estate, both as …

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