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As a passionate real estate professional and investor, Sean O’Rourke’s aim is to be the most trusted advisor and to direct people towards the right deals. For the last three years, he has acquired the necessary knowledge and experience that help him tailor his services to meet the unique needs of his clients. Sean understands that every homebuyer, seller, or investor has their own preferences and wishes that they would want to be fulfilled. He is attentive, energetic, and enthusiastic, hence he will be able to address all of your concerns and deliver, to the best of his ability, what you are looking for.
Sean’s interest in the wholesale business has seen him negotiate and close several deals, thereby helping people buy or sell single-family and multi-family houses and mini storages. His creative ability and strong business acumen have helped him establish and run a multi-million dollar business from nothing, an achievement that position him as a progressive individual who is always looking for opportunities to succeed. This is the same spirit that he aims to impart in others, especially by encouraging them to grab every opportunity that comes their way and make the most out of it. People enjoy working with him because of his keen knack for honesty, ability to cultivate immediate rapport, and a passion to maximize sales through caring and consultative business relationships.

Nov. 7, 2022

From $0 to $11M in 3 years with Podcast & YouTube University

As a passionate real estate professional and investor, Sean O’Rourke aims to be the most trusted advisor and direct people toward…

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