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Suzy Sevier & Michael Barnhart


Suzy Sevier and Michael Barnhart are the Founders of Adventurous Real Estate Investors. They specialize in a different ROI, Return on Impact. Through real estate investing they create immeasurable impacts with the residents they serve to create thriving communities.

They are the owners and asset managers of 388 units across Oklahoma and Texas. They host "The Adventures of a Real Estate Investor" podcast and they host a monthly meetup for real estate investors living overseas and investing in the United States.

Michael is Active Duty Air Force, getting his PhD in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge and Suzy is Real Estate Professional and has a background in project management and finance.

July 25, 2022

Investing 4k miles away and the lessons learned

In this episode, the founders of Adventurous Real Estate Investors Suzy Sevier and Michael Barnhart take us through their investi…

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