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Tommy Brant

Author | Business Owner | Husband

For your podcast listeners, I may be able to add value with these topics of discussion:
A unique approach to direct to seller marketing for apartments
Lessons learned from a failed closing (on 52 unit deal in a Nashville submarket)
Getting into a STR for less than you think

Tommy Brant is a ‘recovering‘ electrical engineer and data scientist turned full time Real Estate Investor. He started TB Capital Group as a tool to buy real estate with family, friends, and partners. He helps busy professionals accelerate their wealth through passively investing in real estate.
His goal is to help others achieve ULTIMATE freedom (which can’t be done without being financially free)
Portfolio of LTR, STR, and apartments - invested in 356 units, totaling $33M in assets.

Happy to talk through any and all ;)

Feb. 6, 2023

No deal, is better than a bad deal

In this episode, we sit down with Tommy Brant as we discuss his investing journey as well as almost getting into a bad deal that could have ended up catastrophic for the duration of the deal. Tommy shares some key …

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