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Vish Muni

Investor relations and operations

Having migrated from Bangalore, India more than 20 years ago from a family of 5 siblings, starting as an IT professional, having multiple careers, and being a small business owner.
He started investing in Single family homes 10 years before transitioning to multifamily investing in 2019 where he found his true passion. Since then, he has participated as a general partner and limited partner in over 6 syndications accounting for more than 1,000 doors.
His multifamily investment has opened many doors and has made some of his dreams and goals a reality. It has allowed him to be a lifestyle investor and live life on his terms, freedom to pursue other interests, and freedom from financial uncertainty for himself and his family, and it has given him a renewed sense of purpose. But most importantly, it has allowed him to give his daughter things in life that he could’ve only dreamt of.

Oct. 24, 2022

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In this episode, our guest speaker Vish Muni shares his journey which started from a goal of owning 10 duplexes in 10 years, over…

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