Oct. 25, 2021

Becoming a savvier investor after a 300k loss

Becoming a savvier investor after a 300k loss

In this episode, Marc Cesar interviews mentor and Founder of the GOB Network of Apartment Investors Jim Biggs. Jim gets transparent about his journey in the multifamily investing space and how he overcame a 300k loss along the way.

Jim Biggs joins Marc to discuss ways to navigate the Multifamily space starting off with vetting the operators. They discuss the to-do and not-to-do of investing and much more.

Jim is a founding partner at Jiroma Enterprises where his valuable skills in business management, sales, marketing, finance, deal structure, and community development are being utilized to apply his lifelong interest in real estate investing to enhance the value for his investors and his personal investments in multifamily commercial real estate

He and his team control real estate interest in Illinois ( 5 SFR’s, 2 apartment buildings) and in Texas (3 apartment complexes ~250 units). Oklahoma(88 unit apartment). We have Served as a Key Principle for both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Have Liquidity and net worth to help close your deal as a co-sponsor/GP/KP. Our partnership controls GP=341 UNITS, LP=867 UNITS, IL., TX., Ok., & AZ

Jim is also the founder of the GOB Network, a platform created to remove the guesswork when it comes to investing and helping people get into their first deal without dishing out thousands of dollars while following a proven framework with the help of various experts.


Full Bio and ways to connect with Jim: https://bit.ly/30wmjRr

Educational Platform: www.gobnetwork.com


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Jim Biggs

Founder of the GOB Network

Jiroma Enterprises is Apartment syndication, (group purchasing), a real estate investment company. Our success is measured by the amount of service, support, profit, and benefit that we can provide our investors. Through real estate investment strategies focused on B & C class apartment buildings, we intend to provide real solutions, create value, and contribute to positive causes. Our mission is to supply above-average returns not only for ourselves as a company, but most importantly the communities, industry professionals, and investors we work with every day. We will strive daily to deliver clean, comfortable, safe housing with outstanding service.