Aug. 22, 2022

Crushing the Multifamily space from overseas

Crushing the Multifamily space from overseas

In this episode, our guest Keishia Kennedy of Kennedy Remedy Investments joins us from Kuwait where she is currently a military consultant while investing in multiple Multifamily opportunities as a capital raiser. Keishia started her journey in the Residential space and pivoted to the Multifamily space, starting out as a Limited Partner and eventually being invited to raise capital for multiple opportunities. With a time zone difference, she has managed to raise millions of dollars for Multifamily opportunities and has no plans of stopping.

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Keishia KennedyProfile Photo

Keishia Kennedy

Veteran, Syndicator/Limited Partner, Figure Bodybuilder, Scuba Diver

Keishia is an army veteran with six years of service in the Army National Guard. She has also pursued education by earning a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry as well as a second Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, and a Master of Arts in Homeland Security.

Following her enlistment, she began investing in real estate in 2011 and has been expanding and managing her portfolio of properties for the past 10 years. She has recently decided to take the next step on her entrepreneurial journey by founding Kennedy Remedy Investments. Kennedy Remedy Investments will focus on investing in commercial multi-family properties in Virginia, with plans to expand to other southeastern states. Her company focuses on building strong partnerships with fellow passive investors in multifamily, which leads to generational wealth and financial freedom.