Oct. 18, 2021

Who is Marc Cesar?

Who is Marc Cesar?

Marc Cesar is joined by special guest host Brandon Speer and is placed on the hot seat. This episode will shed light on who Marc Cesar is, his journey in Real Estate, how he got into Apartment Investing, his purpose and vision for starting this platform.

Marc A. Cesar is a real estate professional, founder and owner of Cesar Property Group, LLC which was established in 2015. Marc kicked off his career in real estate investing 5 years ago as a residential wholesaler in the NJ/PA area, specifically in Philadelphia. He has completed over 500k+ in sales as a wholesaler. In late 2018, he decided to pivot over to the Commercial Multifamily space as he’s always had a love for owning apartment buildings. Marc has gained his vast investing knowledge through mentorship from The Michael Blank group, Renatus Real Estate Investing, and more. He is also a proud member of the GOB Network of Apartment Investors which is a one stop shop platform for all needs pertaining to Multifamily Investing. He has put together an amazing team of operators with various skills sets with the sole purpose of locating underperforming assets, when stabilized and repositioned, can yield preferable returns for investors. 



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Brandon Speer

Founder of Javelin Investments LLC/ Partner at Arrows Capital Group

Brandon has a decade’s worth of experience in management, customer service, and sales working for Dish Network. In June of 2020, he left his W2 to pursue real estate full-time and have since managed the rehab on two single-family properties, joint-ventured on a couple of lucrative wholesale deals, joint-ventured on another single-family residence, and executed a lease option with the tenant.

Since the beginning of 2021, his focus has been on multifamily real estate and he has lofty goals. He enjoys sharing ideas and talking shop, and would love for you to join him on this journey of attaining generational wealth!

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Marc Cesar

Real Estate Professional utilizing Multifamily as a vehicle to establish a lasting legacy for my family and future generations.

Assisting Busy Professionals to leverage Real Estate while earning positive Cashflow, amazing Tax Benefits, yielding great Returns, and much more.

My team focuses on acquiring Multifamily assets (Apartment buildings) in major metropolitan areas (North Carolina, Northern Florida, Texas sub markets).

We focus on trends that help us make sound decisions, such as:

• Population Increase
• Employment Increase
• Reduction in Crime
• and much more

When looking at an asset, we seek to add value to those assets through:

•Various forms of upgrades
•Putting in place a trusted Property Management team to oversee the day to day operations
•Finding ways to increase the assets Income while reducing Expenses
•Revitalizing the area with a safe rental space
•Providing incentives that will benefit tenant base for longer retention

All these aspects allow us to make Conservative decisions while providing our investors with great returns, peace of mind, and most importantly, TIME to do what they love.


I've worked in sales since I was 16 years old. I've done everything from:

- Retail sales
- Sales marketing
- Banking
- Door to Door sales

These backgrounds have thought me a lot about being effective at selling, customer relations, marketing, etc. All skills which I plan to carry over and use as an investor.


I started out as a Wholesaler in 2015 on the residential side, finding off-market properties and assigning my equitable rights to investors who specialized in Fixing and Flipping as well as Rental owners. I focused my efforts on the New Jersey and Philadelphia markets.


• GOB Network of Apartment Investors
• The Michael Blank MultiFamily Academy
• Jay Morrison Academy
• Renatus
• Rich Dad Poor Dad

I look to expand my network with like-minded individuals in the Real Estate Investing space as well as build potential partnerships.

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