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Great podcast

Thank you for providing great content on your podcast. The information on here is really valuable for any real estate investor looking to learn and grow on their journey to success.

I love the approach

I thought this podcast would sound like the vast other Real Estate podcasts out there but the approach taken with this show is very niche. Top hear the unscripted truth of investing in RE, day to day issues investors experience and much more, is AMAZING, all while getting real time knowledge and insight from those who found success. That is MASSIVE value. i’d share this show with anyone, new or seasoned in the space

Always very insightful!

I don’t think people understand how great this show is. Marc as host with his guest deep dives into real estate investing with no fluff! All great information for me wanting to become a successful real estate investor/syndicator myself.

Must Listen

Marc is an incredible host and this podcast is a must listen for any real estate investor!!!

Great listening

This is by far one the top 3 podcast especially for a new investor in the real estate industry. Short and to the point and fluff. Highly recommend for new investor and old.

Great Podcast

I feel it is refreshing and great listening especially for new investor starting in the real estate market like myself. I have been listening to a lot other podcast and there was too much of dreams sold or buy my products. This podcast give insight into real life battle that you would or will encounter in this market…